On the way to Denver from Kansas City, Kelley wanted to stop at a roadside attraction touted to us by Matthew — the Garden of Eden.  Located in secluded Lucas, KS, one man spent a good portion of his golden years creating a house and garden of concrete people, plants and animals.  Giant Adam and Eve (and Cain an Able) welcome you into the 1/4 acre lot.  One figure (laborer) is crucified and surrounded by the banker, lawyer, union, politician — you know — all of that subtle stuff.  There are remnants of an aviary and cages I think were to hold exotic animals.  And in the corner, a mausoleum in which the good Doctor and his wife are burred — she under a ton of concrete — he on top in a glass coffin you can still peer into.  Although a bit green and moldy, he looked pretty good for a do-it-yourself mummification.

We jumped back on the road and headed to Denver, where I know people.

Now, I don’t want to get into it, but in the last few days, I have been written off by some biological family members, affirmed my love to my oldest family-by-choice, and have struck a nice balance of honesty with an ex and a new beau.

Let me explain.

The family member: long story, short — my efforts to keep my maternal family together are over.

The former-family member:  we reconnected, and I am happy to have her family in my life.

The family-by-choice: stayed with Jessica and her kids. She has always been my older sister (Moira and I met when we were 4 — and Jessica, a year older, was usually around to get the two of us into trouble — and get us out a whole lot more.) It was nice to catch up with her. She has had a lot of big changes recently — and seems to have come out on top (as expected) and is enjoying her life.  Jessie always makes me laugh, and it is great to have her and the kids in my life.

The ex:  He passed a kidney stone this week — so I had to tease him via Facebook chat.  I am glad that the two of us can kid around — yet know we care and can be there when we need to — and back of when we must.  Get well, F.

The new beau:  Of the three men I am juggling, L seems to have the most potential.  Problem?  He has a lot of personal issues to work through.  I haven’t communicated with him since before Camp (mid-August), but have been sending Facebook pokes to remind him I am alive.  He finally responded with an apology for blowing me off — and reaffirmed what I has suspected — he is interested, but needs time to work thru his stuff.  I am ALL about the time — God knows I do not need more baggage — I have enough to deal with as it is.

So the Garden of Eden?  Its wherever I want it to be — this week, in a little corner of my heart.