The KC stop of the tour was interesting and strange — all in a great way.  Yes, I met some fabulous people and filmmakers, thanks to the vibrant Independent Filmmakers Coalition — which I will get into shortly…

I stayed with a lovely family (Matthew, Moira and Max) and their three dogs (one of whom jumped over and under Pilot like a circus dog.)  Their beautiful home and Tempurpedic bed were very welcoming and appreciated. Matthew is a past present of the IFC, and has his pulse on the local film scene.

Kelley’s friend Joe showed us around town — we ate delectable BBQ at Oklahoma Joe’s, saw incredible bands at both the RecordBar and a classic roadhouse, Knuckleheads.  We went to the Jazz Museum (disappointing), but were purposed by the amazing Negro League Baseball Museum in the same building.

Work-wise, Kelley and I (with special guest Andrea Ellis, one of my favorite producers and incredible film talents — who is moving to KC from DC this December) spoke to two classes at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.  I have been told by countless friends that Lawrence is the coolest town in the USA.  Sadly, I didn’t get to see much it, as we rushed from class to class and back to KC for a third gig that night.

Speaking of which…  The IFC has been around for about 13 years. Every week, 50 or so local filmmakers meet to exchange ideas, hear a speaker, announce what goings on are going on, etc.  I was very impressed — and took home a few ideas I will implement at the DC Film Salon come January.

Kelley and I were to speak on distribution strategies and film festivals.  Kelley kicked the talk off and passed the ball to me.  That is when I ran it home — for the rest of the engagement.  I had a lot to say, and filmmakers had a lot to ask.  I felt kind of bad, but for the first time on the tour — I felt like I was able to add value to our seminars.  I know that I was all along, but this gig was magic.

And speaking of magic, here is an idea one person pitched to the filmmakers in attendance.  The quote is not exact, but seriously close:   “My name is (insert Porn name here).  I am an aspiring filmmaker and a Warlock.  I want to make a movie of me and my powers in the black magic. I manipulate shadows and stuff — and know it would be really cool on camera.  We could shoot all day — probably at my Mom’s house, you know.  If you’re religious or something, you might get wigged out by the black magic, so I can work with anyone.  You can call me. I don’t have an email address.”

When he was done, Joe turned to me and whispered, “welcome to the mid west.”