I’m stuck before I start.

I have an idea for a screenplay (although I will probably write as a stage play and present at Capital Fringe 2011.)  The general premise is a look at backstabbing D-list celebrities on a game show set — think either Password or Match Game — and how unsuspecting contestants get thrown into the drama.

Problem is, I have so many ideas, I stall out after a page of writing.  And while I usually outline my scripts, I am having concerns about structure, game play, people’s recollections of game shows (after all, the genre has changed, and many are focused on making contestants look stupid), and how to write in a part for an unsuspecting audience member who I want to drag on stage to play in the action.

  • Do I set the piece in the 70s?
  • Do I use real celebrity names?
  • Do I simplify the game play (Password with 4 players or Match Game with 8)?
  • Do I add in elements such as showing the action caught by the cameras on large screens to the side of the stage to contract the actual happenings with the televised reality?
  • Who’s story it is/Who is my protagonist — a Production Assistant who is on the set for his first day of work, or one of the celebrity players?

I want feedback — and at the same time, I think I need to just make a few key decisions and delve into it already.  I really wanted to write much of this on the road — after all, there is a bit of downtime between events — and writing is a good way to harness my energy.