This morning, Kelley and I spoke for a few hours at the Douglas Education Center’s Factory — a film school outside of Pittsburgh. While the school was lovely, the town was sad. No place to get a cup of coffee. No place to grab a snack. No place to shop.

Evidently, the town had 28,000 people a few years ago — but when the mill closed down — 20,000 fled.

The students ranged from newbies to kids who are almost done with classes. They seemed to be interested in what we discussed (distribution, festivals, crowd financing), but were nervous to ask questions.

Pilot sat in on the class — and fell asleep towards the end (as did a few slackers in the back of the room.) He is adjusting to the road — I don’t expect him to eat for a day or so, and he is slow to drink water. From the last road trip, I know that he will come around. Already, he is comfortable with the drive and van. Now is the power drive.

We left Monessen, PA at 12:15pm, so we should be at our destination in Pepin, WI by 1:30am. That’s a lot of driving. Tomorrow, Kelley gives the keynote at the Flyway Film Festival, and I will speak at a few roundtables and panels.

UPDATE: We arrived safely at 2:20am. I will not repeat the long-drive experience again for quite a while.