30 days.

16 cities.

2 men and a dog.

Sounds like fun!

I am joining my dear friend, Kelley Baker, “The Angry Filmmaker” on his fall tour of film schools and organizations.  I will be speaking about film festival strategies and secrets. And I will be selling my new DVD — “Why?!  A Film Festival Director’s Thoughts on 8 Short Films” (available online soon for only $15 each.)

So where are we heading?  Here is a list….

October 17 — Leave DC
October 18 — Waynesburgh, PA
October 19 — Pittsburgh, PA
October 21 — Pepin, WI
October 23 — Madison, WI
October 26 — Omaha, NE
October 27 — Kansas City, MO
October 28 — Lawrence, KS
October 29 — Denton, TX
October 30 — Austin, TX
November 1 — Waco, TX
November 4 — Fresno, CA
November 6 — Los Angeles, CA
November 8 — Bay Area, CA
November 11 — Ashland, OR
November 13 — Bend, OR
November 15 — Portland, PR
November 16 — Long Beach, CA
November 17 — Back to DC

So you see, the schedule is pretty tight. That said OF COURSE there is time to see friends along the way. And if you have suggestions for amazing places to see, fabulous can’t-miss meals, or gotta-have shopping — please pass along!

And I will be blogging every day from the road.  Keep track of our adventures!